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For Homeowners

Have a dream of getting passive income and in need of a reputable property management partner?

VA Rent and Relaxation strives to work with homeowners like you.

We are more than your typical property management company. We want you to leave those overwhelming tasks to us.

We will search for, select, screen, and uphold high-quality tenants, at no additional cost to you.

VA Rent and Relaxation
  • Payment Guaranteed

  •    Provides management for all utilities including Wi-Fi

  • Appropriately furnishes and fully equips your home

  • Professionally cleans your home throughout the duration of the contract

  • Provides exceptional care of your home without disturbing you

Our tenants can enjoy a relaxing home at your property, while you get to benefit from a stress free contract.

We make it easy for you to see the benefits while VA Rent and Relaxation, LLC handles the rest.

Together we can make passive income a reality.

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